Have you been eyeing toy haulers and travel trailers for sale Boise residents can’t wait to use this spring? For a lot of adventurers like yourself, an RV excursion isn’t complete without a few outdoor toys. There are so many options to choose from, each made for different types of terrain and interests. Maybe you’re looking for something for the whole family. Or you might be looking for a vehicle that can kick up a little dirt. Here are the top outdoor toys to take on just about any RV adventure.

Fun for the Whole Family: Mountain Bikes

No family RV getaway is complete without mountain bikes! Mountain bikes can open a lot of doors for adventure. Go on fun rides around your campsite or use them to ride into the nearest town. They’re a great way to stay active on RV trips and are generally easy to haul. Store them in your RV, the back of a truck, or on a bike mount.

Keeping It Chill: Paddle Boards 

If you’re excited to get out on the water, paddle boards are perfect when you’re camping near a calm pond or lake. They’re another option that’s fun for the whole family and can be easy to pack—especially if you go with inflatable paddle boards. If the kids are joining you for the trip and you want an activity that’ll wear them out, this is it!

Tame the River: Kayaks 

Kayaks can be used to explore areas where you might not want to take a paddle board, like rivers. Plus, they’re a great option to explore many of the waterways you might encounter on your RV trip. Like bikes and paddle boards, both inflatable kayaks and hard-shell kayaks can be easy to transport. Just mount them on top or to the back of your RV with the proper equipment.

Fast and Furious on the Water: Personal Watercraft 

Now, we’re getting into motorized territory. Personal watercraft, or PWC, are great for powering across lakes, bays, and even seaways. They’re fast, fun, and perfect for soaking up the summer sun. Transporting PWC can take a little extra planning. By investing in a dedicated toy hauler or trailer, you’ll have plenty of room to bring a couple PWCs or more anywhere you go.

Kit Up a Little Dirt: ATVs

If you want to kick up some dirt while exploring unpaved roads, ATVs are the way to go. They make backcountry exploration a lot of fun. If you’ve browsed the ATV sales Boise dealers have to offer, you know there are a lot of models to choose from. You can find ATVs to fit your budget and your adventuring needs, whether you’re out hunting or just exploring the beautiful surroundings. You can haul ATVs with a dedicated trailer, in the back of a pickup, or with a toy hauler RV.

Cruise the Backcountry: Side-By-Sides

If you’ve looked for a Super C RV for sale and thought it could use a smaller companion vehicle to go with it, you’ve found it! Side-by-sides, or SxSs, are generally larger than ATVs and can be incredibly versatile. They’re small enough to haul behind the Super C on a trailer yet large enough for two people (or four in some models) to enjoy an adventure together. Better still, they typically come with plenty of dedicated cargo space. They’re great for cruising around the backcountry while your RV is parked.

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