Road trips can be a magical experience. There are countless places to discover and endless sights to see. From day trips to weeklong excursions, there are all kinds of ways to make it happen. Plus, road trips are great for everyone. They’re for 20-somethings who want to explore nearby destinations, young families who want to take their kids on a memorable trip, and empty-nesters who want to see the country on their terms.

Road trips are accessible in all kinds of ways. If you want to see your state on the back of a motorcycle, you can. If you’ve been looking at used motorhomes for sale and just made your first RV purchase, you might already be planning your first road trip. May 26 is National Road Trip Day, which means it’s celebrated the Friday before Memorial Day. Here are a few ways you can celebrate the day and partake in this great American tradition.

Go on a Day Trip and Visit a State Park

Many of us live within a day trip’s distance from a state park or two (or more). One of the great things about road-tripping to a state park is that you can choose just how far your adventure will take you. Go to a nearby park and enjoy a half-day of fun, or go to a destination farther away for a full-day excursion.

Another great thing about state parks is the diversity you can experience from one to another. One park may have forested hiking trails, while another may feature a beautiful lake. A lot of state parks situated near or on large bodies of water often have a boat launch. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to take your boat out, or you recently visited one of the boat dealers Idaho residents love and came home with a new boat, a road trip and boat trip could be in the cards!

Take the Weekend and Explore Your State in an RV

Want to hit the road in your RV? Make a weekend road trip of it! Pick a few routes or destinations around your state that you want to see. Maybe it’s a trip to your favorite state or national park. Or maybe you simply want to cruise one of your state’s scenic byways.

When you take a full weekend to see your state in your RV, you can take your time and go at your own pace. This gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the sights along the way. Maybe there’s a restaurant in a town along the highway you’ve always wanted to try. Now, you’ve got plenty of time to stop in. Then, at the end of the day, you can cozy up in a campground and enjoy some fireside s’mores.

Go on a Weeklong Adventure and Explore Somewhere New

Is there an all-time destination you’ve always wanted to visit? Make a weeklong road trip of it! Is it time to finally see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota? Ready to take the kids to the Grand Canyon? Or Yosemite? Or the Great Smoky Mountains? There’s no shortage of epic places you might end up.

From state parks to national parks, scenic roadside stops, and hidden towns, you can celebrate National Road Trip Day—and the Great American Road Trip—however you want. Ready, set, hit the road!

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